How to get a smartphone wallpaper that matches your personality

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Are you having a difficult time picking a wallpaper that matches your personality? You don’t have to worry anymore. This guide will help you find a wallpaper that reflects your taste and views to make your phone more personalised.

Here is how to choose a wallpaper that suits you

First, search for desktop and mobile wallpapers on Google

There is always a first step when you do not know where to start, and this is it. the main aim is to check from a variety of wallpapers do you can get an idea of what you are looking for.  All you have to do is search and click on the images. Browse through the pages and do not stop until you find something you really like, or something close to it.

Check the backdrops

Backdrops features multiple wallpapers made from artists around the world. If you do not mind, you can purchase a premium wallpaper that will make your wallpaper more personalised.

What kind of wallpaper suits your personality?

Choose something functional

If basics wallpapers are just not your thing, while don’t you try something different. Functional wallpaper examples are the live wallpapers and the parallax ones, normally found in the wallpaper gallery on android phones. These wallpapers are fun and very easy to access.

Do you like a more traditional/vintage wallpaper?

Vintage wallpaper mostly consists of complex and continuous patterns that sometimes include flower patterns. They give your phone a vintage vibe; you can find thousands of vintage wallpapers free online.

An artistic wallpaper?

This comes down to what kind of art you like, is it old, new, personally, computer generated or real art? knowing what you like will help you pick put a wallpaper fast.

Choose an image that says something about you

Sometimes, you have to make your own wallpaper. You can choose an image of your family, pet, home, or any picture you like from your gallery.

Your wallpaper says a lot about you; here are personal wallpaper ideas that can match your personality.

your significant other, family or friends – this is a sweet way to express that you have high affection for your significant, family and friends other. Every time you light up your phone, you smile because you are reminded of them.

An inspirational quote- everyone wants a reminder or inspirational quote once in a while, what better way than to place it on your phone so you can see it every time you light it up?

Your pet – a good shot of your pet is one of the cutest wallpapers. A cute pet wallpaper is great if you are an animal lover who cannot keep a pet at the moment. Just go online and get a picture of the kind of pet you like.

A selfie – Everyone is allowed to express their personality in the wallpaper, even if it means uploading a selfie.

Final word

Wallpapers are not constant; you can feel one way during a certain time and a different way as time goes by. You can change your wallpaper as much as you like as long as it makes you happy.

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